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2023 Best Smartwatches in India – The Ultimate List Ranked & Reviewed

Looking for best smartwatch list in India? We have the most comprehensive list of smart watches compared side-by-side with features you can’t resist. In addition to features, you can also find latest smartwatch prices and specifications here.

Last Updated April 02, 2024

Our Top 3 Picks (Quick List)

Best Fitness Smartwatch
Fitbit Versa 4
With Real-time tracking
Check Prices
Best Apple smartwatch
Apple Watch Series 8
Easily Customizable
Check Prices
Best Value for Money
Noise Pulse 2
Make calls / best battery
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Smartwatches are popular in India for their convenience, connectivity, and fitness tracking features. With various types available, including notification-based, sport-focused, classic, and phone-function models, brands like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Fossil, and Fitbit have made a mark.

When choosing the best smartwatch, consider factors like compatibility, display, design, apps, fitness features, calling, and battery life for an informed decision in India’s smartwatch market.

Top 10 Smartwatches List in April 2024

Best Value for Money

Noise Pulse 2

Massive 1.85″ display with clear visibility
Make calls and manage contacts from your wrist.
Tru Syn wiht Faster, stable connection
Smart DND with uninterrupted sleep
Noise Health Suite: Fitness features and 100 sports modes.
NoiseFit app: Manage daily life better.
150+ cloud-based watch faces
10-day battery life
Save upto %50 Off Noise Pulse
Our Top Pick this month for April under Best Smartwatch list

Apple Watch Series 8

Best Apple Series 8 smartwatch
Easily Customizable
Innovative Safety Features
Temperature sensing, blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, irregular rhythm notifications, and sleep stage tracking.

Garmin Epix Gen 2

Stunning 1.3″ always-on AMOLED display.
Choose sapphire, titanium, or stainless steel bezel
Track and manage exertion to avoid overexertion.
Receive emails, texts, and alerts on your watch.
Best Fitness Tracking

Fitbit Versa 4

Real-time tracking with Active Zone Minutes.
40+ Exercise Modes
Built-in GPS for accurate pace and distance measurements
Call, text, and app notifications
Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Built-in.
Free Premium Trial
6-Month Premium Membership: Included for new members (terms apply).

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 LTE

Sapphire Crystal Display
Fitness Tracking: Automatic activity detection for steps, calories, and exercises.
Sleep Tracking with improved technology
Monitor body fat and muscle weight.
Heart Rate Sensor
Best Battery Life

Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar Rugged Hybrid Smartwatch

RevoDrive technology for reliable timekeeping
Long Battery Life with up to 70 days in regular mode, up to 31 hours in GPS mode
Dual-layered bezel, high-resolution digital display, water-resistant to 10 ATM, thermal- and shock-resistant
Solar Rugged Hybrid Smartwatch with 24/7 HR, SPO2, Revodrive Tech, Vo2 Max, Track Back

Fire-Boltt Visionary

1.78″ AMOLED Display
AI Voice Assistance
Up to 5 days Battery Life
Fast Charging, Water Resistant and Bluetooth Calling

boAt Xtend Smartwatch

Alexa built-in Voice Assistant
1.69″ square color LCD display
Customizable options for daily style
HR, SpO2 and Sleep Health Monitoring
14 sports modes, 5 ATM dust, splash, and sweat resistance

Fitbit Versa 3

GPS tracking for running, biking, hiking, etc.
Active Zone Minutes
PurePulse 2.0: Enhanced 24/7 heart rate tracking.
Sleep tracking: Analyze sleep quality and receive Sleep Score.
Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Built-in.
6-month Fitbit Premium trial: New users (payment method required)

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen)

Easily Customizable: Sizes, colors, straps
Crash Detection, Fall Detection, Emergency SOS
Water-resistant with three finishes

Popularity of Smartwatches in India

Smart watches are popular among the people in India because of the convenience and the connectivity that they provide. Once considered as a fad, smartwatches have made their presence felt in recent times. They also have fitness trackers and hence are perfect for fitness enthusiasts. Many have GPS trackers so the chances of you getting lost are impossible.

There are four kinds of smartwatches available in the market. One is the smartwatches with a notification function. They have the date, time, alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch. The watch notifies about calls and messages via vibration. The smart sport watches are those which are designed for athletes. They help determine pulse rate, monitor sleep, count calories, and help one to train in a better manner.

The classic smartwatches are just an extension of your smartphone. This can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. The fourth is smartwatches with phone functions. These watches have their own SIM card and there is Internet connectivity via LTE mobile phone technology.

Different smartwatches provide different benefits to the consumer. Most of the smartwatches help in maintaining the fitness levels of the users. They have a fitness and wellness tracker which enables one to monitor sleep, track heart rate and pulse rate, and other such functions. These watches are also helpful for business owners as they can check the mails and keep track of their schedules with the help of the smartwatch. Many smartwatches have music features in them.

This is ideal for music lovers and also for musicians. They can listen to music and then keep track of the changes that they need to make later to it.

Some of the popular smartwatches in India are Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Fossil, Fitbit, and others.

Important Features To Consider While Investing in Smartwatches

As a consumer, the number of smartwatches brands will surely confuse you with their wide range of features. To ensure that you make informed choices, we have compiled a list of important features that will help you make selection for best smart watch easy.

Smart Watches OS and phone compatibility

Since the smartwatches have been designed to work together with the smartphone, hence choose one which is compatible with your phone. For example, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 works with various Android smartphones as well as iPhones. The Apple Watch works only with the iPhone. Hence, the bottom line is that you will have to pick those smartwatches which will be compatible with your smartphone. Otherwise, it will not work properly and you will merely be wasting your money. 

OLED vs. LCD Display

Most of the smartwatches available in the market have colorful LCD screens or an AMOLED display. This enables you to see the apps, photos, and other content in brighter colors. However, as a result of this, the battery wears off easily. However, smartphone makers are working on improving the working of smartphones. Opting for the black and white display will give the best battery performance. The costly smartwatches have OLED displays instead of the traditional LED displays. This allows slim designs of the smartwatches.

Touchscreen vs. Touchless

Opting for a touchscreen on your smartwatch will not be helpful as selecting the items on such a small display will be a difficult task. Wear OS helps one to dismiss something with just a swipe. Flicking the wrist is also a good way of switching between the cards.

Design and Personalization

The best smartwatches offer the customers several straps so that one can change them when required. This helps to personalize the look of the smartwatch. Most of the smartwatch manufacturing companies offer different customization to the customers. For example, a customer can choose the color of the band and also the material. One can also select the face color, size, and finish of the watches too. Comfort is really important when you are wearing a watch on your hand.

To avoid purchasing a smartwatch that has heavy clasps that require great effort for opening and closing. The modern smartwatches have standard buckles which can be easily opened and closed.

The new smartwatches are becoming slimmer, smaller, and have round faces. This makes them look like the traditional watches one wears. Many traditional watchmaking companies are also joining this smartwatch manufacturing business. They are coming up with Android wear devices that have Google’s watch OS and the style of the traditional analog watch.

App selections

With the development of the smartwatches, newer models have hundreds of apps available for the user. The Apple Watch has by far the maximum number of apps (20000). Many other companies do not have so many apps in them. So make sure you check the number of apps present in the smartwatch you are buying.

Fitness features, heart rate, and GPS

The importance of fitness trackers is growing every day. As a result, the smartwatches manufacturing companies are introducing activity monitoring functions in the watches. These watches rely on smartphones for tracking the activity of the person.

They also have a built-in pedometer which helps to track the number of steps you have taken. If you are using the smartwatch for just working out, opt for those which have fitness trackers and also smartwatch-like features. Most of the West OS devices available in the market have heart rate monitors installed in them.

Certain models also have GPS which makes them helpful and attractive when running outdoors and tracking the pace and distance traveled. Using GPS will impact the life of the smartwatch battery.

Calling and mobile payments

If you want to make calls from the smartwatch, then the built-in LTE feature can help you to make the call. You can use the same number on the watch and the phone even when the phone is not near you. For this, you just need to have a separate data package for the smartwatch.

Smartwatches also have NFC chips in them, which helps you to pay for things you purchased even without the smartphone.

Battery life and charging

The smartwatches which have bright colored screens last for two days maximum. It may last less than a day depending on the usage and how much you are charging it. So when buying a smartwatch, keep this in mind and pick the one which needs less charging. If you are willing to charge it often, then you can opt for the others.

There are smartwatches with voice capabilities and they will not last long if you use them with the smartphones. The new smartphones have wireless charging which is very convenient for the consumers.

Latest Smart Watch Prices & Specs

FAQs for Best Smartwatches in India

Are smartwatches popular in India?

Smartwatches have become very popular in India due to their convenience, connectivity, and fitness tracking capabilities. They are versatile devices, perfect for fitness enthusiasts, business owners, and music lovers alike.

What are the different kinds of smartwatches available in the market?

The four main types of smartwatches are: smartwatches with a notification function, smart sport watches designed for athletes, classic smartwatches that extend smartphone functionalities, and smartwatches with phone functions that have their own SIM card.

What are some popular smartwatch brands in India?

Some of the popular smartwatch brands in India are Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Fossil, and Fitbit.

How do smartwatches help maintain fitness levels?

Most smartwatches come with fitness and wellness trackers which enable users to monitor sleep, track heart rate and pulse rate, and perform other functions. This helps users maintain their fitness levels.

How are smartwatches beneficial for business owners?

Smartwatches can be helpful for business owners as they can check their emails, keep track of their schedules, and receive notifications directly on their wrist.

How should I choose a smartwatch that is compatible with my phone?

It is crucial to choose a smartwatch that is compatible with your smartphone. For instance, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 works with various Android smartphones as well as iPhones, whereas the Apple Watch only works with the iPhone.

What is the difference between Smartwatch with OLED and LCD Display?

OLED displays allow for slim smartwatch designs and more vibrant colors compared to traditional LCD displays. However, they also consume more battery power.

What design and personalization options are available for smartwatches?

Many smartwatches offer various options for personalization, including different strap colors and materials, face color, size, and finish. Modern smartwatches often resemble traditional watches, with slim, small, and round faces.

What should I consider regarding app selection for smartwatches?

Different smartwatches support different numbers of apps. For example, the Apple Watch supports the most apps, with over 20,000 available. It’s important to check the number of supported apps before purchasing a smartwatch.

Do all smartwatches come with fitness features, heart rate monitors, and GPS?

Not all, but many smartwatches come with these features. Most Wear OS devices have heart rate monitors, and some models also include GPS. Keep in mind that using GPS can impact battery life.

Can I make calls from a smartwatch?

Yes, some smartwatches come with built-in LTE features that allow you to make calls even when your phone is not nearby. This does require a separate data package for the smartwatch.

Can I use a smartwatch for mobile payments?

Yes, many smartwatches include NFC chips that enable you to make mobile payments directly from the watch.

How long does the battery life of a smartwatch last?

Battery life varies among smartwatches, but most models with color screens last a maximum of two or three days. Usage patterns and charging habits also significantly affect battery life.

Do smartwatches offer wireless charging?

Yes, many new smartwatches offer wireless charging, which can be a convenient feature for users.

Can smartwatches help me train better as an athlete?

Yes, smart sport watches are designed to help athletes train more effectively. They come with features like pulse rate measurement, sleep monitoring, and calorie counting.

Can I use a smartwatch without a smartphone?

Some smartwatches with phone functions can operate independently of a smartphone. These watches have their own SIM card and internet connectivity.

Are all smartwatches water-resistant?

Not all, but many smartwatches are designed to be water-resistant. It’s best to check the specific features of the model you’re interested in.

Is it difficult to change the straps on a smartwatch?

Most modern smartwatches make it easy to change the straps, allowing you to personalize the look of your watch.

Do smartwatches with notification functions notify about all apps?

The notifications you receive depend on the settings you choose. You can usually customize which app notifications you’d like to receive on your smartwatch.

What kind of smartwatch is best for someone who often gets lost?

A smartwatch with built-in GPS can be a good option for someone who often gets lost, as it can provide directions and track location.

Can I check my emails on a smartwatch?

Yes, many smartwatches allow you to check emails, making it easy to stay connected on the go.

Is it possible to customize the display on a smartwatch?

Yes, many smartwatches offer customizable displays, allowing you to select your preferred watch face and other visual elements.

How can a smartwatch help me monitor my sleep?

Many smartwatches include sleep tracking features, allowing you to monitor your sleep patterns, quality, and duration.

What kind of smartwatch should I buy if I’m a runner?

Consider a smart sport watch with a GPS and heart rate monitor. These features can help you track your running routes and monitor your performance.

How can a smartwatch help me maintain my schedule?

Smartwatches can sync with your calendar, alerting you about upcoming events and reminders. This helps you manage your schedule efficiently.